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EM2P2 Invited to Capitol Hill to Discuss Digital Healthcare's Role in Medical Cannabis

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Physicians and Members of Congress Given Opportunity to See the Flagship CannaLnx Platform Prior to Public Launch.


CLEVELAND, March 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Members of EM2P2, Inc.'s (producer of the CannaLnx system) senior management, at the invitation of the American Society of Cannabis Medicine (ASCM), participated with Legislators in the ASCM Healthcare Symposium, which focused on medical cannabis.

EM2P2's CannaLnx system (a digital health platform that connects patients, doctors, dispensaries, test labs and other industry participants) has been selected as the backbone of ASCM's National Registry program. CannaLnx provides ASCM physicians with a HIPAA-compliant platform for working with their medical-cannabis patients. While current state-run programs do not mandate HIPAA-compliant systems, ASCM's professional standards do and ASCM will begin providing the CannaLnx tool to its physician members in Summer 2019. ASCM physicians are professionals dedicated to the highest standards. The CannaLnx digital health platform was built to exceed future needs today.

"We were humbled to be with such an outstanding group. The sense of a truly professional medical approach was evident throughout the entire program," said Gennaro Luce, EM2P2's Customer Advocate and CEO. "We were very pleased to demonstrate the power of the CannaLnx Digital Health Platform. Our relationship with the American Society of Cannabis Medicine has been tremendous, after months of benchmarking with ASCM, being able to provide a look before public launch was a thrill."

Attendees were the first group outside of EM2P2's team and focus groups to see and respond to the platform's many features. U.S. dispensary operators will be able to register for their opportunity to view CannaLnx demonstrations and learn how the system revolutionizes key parts of their business and provides access to large groups new patients benefiting from medical cannabis.

"We were very impressed with what the CannaLnx platform provides, our physicians and leaders were blown away," said Garnett Meador ASCM Executive Vice President "Over the last few months working closely with EM2P2 has been extremely positive. At ASCM, we are focused every day on elevating the industry and ushering medical cannabis into mainstream healthcare through research and professional standards. The CannaLnx platform—as the underlying foundation of ASCM's National Registry—will ensure we are the gold standard. The registry provides great value to our quest to provide a virtuous circle—physician, patient, dispensary. All benefit tremendously."

EM2P2, through its CannaLnx brand, is a global digital health platform leader that helps connect all aspects of medical cannabis more fully at all stages of the process for all stakeholders. CannaLnx's suite of industry-changing technologies spans the spectrum of cannabis healthcare, with leading applications and solutions in patient/customer processing, dispensary/pharmacy retail management, government reporting and seed-to-sale custody tracking. Our colleagues serve people in the United States and other countries.

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