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EM2P2 delivers real solutions for patients and the medical-cannabis industry through a talented and seasoned executive team, a diverse and engaged board of advisors, and a well-crafted ecosystem comprised of essential strategic partners.  

Executive Team


Gennaro Luce  

Michael Paulus
Chief Operations Officer

Howard Rothman
Chief Information Officer

David Speaker
Chief Communications Officer

Matthew Myro Rothman

Director of Cannabis Science and Media Content

Kevin Reuff
VP Sales


Board of Advisors


CannaLnx’s programs well serve the medical-cannabis industry and patient objectives due in large part to the insight and expertise EM2P2 gains from its Board of Advisors—comprised of individuals from all sides of the industry, including educators, software designers, growers, pharmacists, ASCM, doctors, scientists, biochemists, and other experts on cannabinoids and emerging chemical knowledge. 

Each member of EM2P2’s board of advisors has extensive knowledge and expertise in an area pertinent to CannaLnx’s service missions and has joined the board to pursue the common objective of supporting the medical-cannabis industry’s ability to better serve patients and advance medical science. 

Not content to idle as figureheads, EM2P2 advisory board members regularly consult with EM2P2’s executive team on a broad range of issues and graciously open doors to their extended resource networks when they’re able to offer solutions.

EM2P2, Inc. Advisory Board 2021


Jeffrey S. Block, M.D.

Botanical Medicine Pharmacology and Physiology Science Consultant / Clinical Healthcare Expert/ American Board-Certified Physician Anesthesiologist, and author.


Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder, Compassionate Certification Centers.

Michael J. Papsidero, M.D.

ENT-otolaryngologist in Ashtabula Ohio Board Certified in Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery. EM2P2’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO), and President of MJP Healthcare Consultants LLC. Formerly CMO/VPMO for Cleveland Clinic Health System Regional Hospitals.

Jean L. Talleyrand, M.D.

Family medicine physician, and Chief Medical Officer for The Clinical Endocannabinoid System Consortium, MotionHealth, and MediCann.

Christina DiArcangelo

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Affinity Bio Partners, LLC. 

Garnett Meador
Executive Director, American Society of Cannabis Medicine, Washington DC.

David LaChance

CEO 3AM Media/LA Media

Joe A. Albano
Senior Fund Manager, Forza Equities.


Steven Robert Bate

Co-Founder of ComCan Healthcare, LLC in Delray Beach, Florida, former managing director of Compuware, and a survivor of two stage-4 cancers using CBD and cannabinoid oils in treatment.


Dale Clifton

Time Out Enterprises (Business Consultant), Former CFO, American Eagle Outfitters.

Paul Garofolo
President, IOA Sports Partners, LLC.

Steven L. Kohler 
Chief Executive Officer, Ridge Global.

Jonathan Reinsdorf
CEO of FroogalPay — Chicago, Illinois, Managing Member of TripleShot LLC — Chicago, California, Montreal.


Joseph Wright

CEO and Founder at Access Mobility 24, Inc., Chicago, Illinois (A full service mobile App and IoT developer.)

Strategic Partners


EM2P2’s CannaLnx system also brings unique industry liaisons to its service mission. Through strong, supportive strategic partnerships with the American Society of Cannabis Medicine (ASCM), CannaScripts’ medical-cannabis group-saving and physician/patient education programs, and the Coalition for Medical Cannabis (CMC) and the American Council of Cannabis Medicine (ACCM)—both Washington DC-based nonprofits dedicated to medical-cannabis advocacy—CannaLnx is well positioned to deliver an unmatched and highly informed quality of service.
EM2P2, CannaScripts, and ASCM focus specifically on and directly target a new, well-defined medicinal market—medical cannabis—using unique tools and relationships, which portend proprietary structural/processing innovations and advantages.
Together, we’ve established an ecosystem that allows all system users efficient access to virtually all the information/data and tools they need to:


  • Work successfully within the medical-cannabis industry.

  • Navigate state processes and registration/reporting requirements.

  • Attain or deliver effective medical-cannabis remedies.

Through these strategic partnerships, and affiliations with key organizations dedicated to various aspects of the medical-cannabis revolution, EM2P2 and its partners expand their communication reach and utility—and further distinguish themselves from other providers serving the medical-cannabis industry. Each plays an important role in the success of the others’ medical-cannabis programs. All share the common objective of ensuring patients are at the center of care.


To learn more about CannaLnx’s high-value strategic partnerships and their impact on CannaLnx’s—and the industry’s—success, please download our informative overview “EM2P2 EcoSystem Partnerships.” See how EM2P2’s ecosystem and partnerships work for all CannaLnx user groups.

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