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To see for yourself how CannaLnx helps patients, doctors, dispensaries and others in the industry work together to attain great medical-cannabis outcomes, we invite you to book a CannaLnx consultation/demo—and will show you real solutions.

What is the CannaLnx Platform?


CannaLnx is a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant SaaS registry/tracking tool (patent pending) used by medical cannabis recommending/certifying medical professionals, patients, dispensaries, growers, processors, and test labs. It’s an interactive communication, transaction-processing, and reporting platform.

CannaLnx automates, processes, monitors, collects and manages data, reports on, and supports the recommendation and sale/purchase/fulfillment of recommended medical cannabis, streamlining access by dispensaries to certifications/recommendations and communication between doctors, patients, dispensaries, growers, and testing labs.

CannaLnx Features/Functions

CannaLnx’s many valuable features and functions are carefully designed to serve the medical-cannabis community, advance the knowledge base, and enable patients to maximize the medical utility of cannabis as part of their healthcare regimen.

CannaLnx Benefits

The CannaLnx technology platform—its connectivity, security, and automated medical-cannabis transactions—offer significant benefits to program participants and state program administrators alike. That’s why the American Society of Cannabis Medicine officially recommends CannaLnx as the standard for use by its member physicians. 

EM2P2 believes CannaLnx will enhance the medical-cannabis industry’s viability, progress and strength (economically, scientifically, and politically), which redounds to the significant benefit of patients seeking useful medical remedies.
To learn more about CannaLnx’s valuable features and benefits, please download our informative overview “CannaLnx Platform Features and Benefits,” which provides eye-opening detail on how CannaLnx delivers solutions for all user groups.

Too many doctors and patients that could benefit from medical cannabis remain on the sidelines because they lack an effective mechanism to engage with the industry in general, and access reliable, organized information to inform decisions and expedite processes.

By integrating and enhancing recommendation and fulfillment processes—and access to information essential to those processes—CannaLnx expects to shepherd millions of new patients into the medical-cannabis industry by 2020.

What Sets EM2P2’s CannaLnx Platform Apart?


CannaLnx is distinguished from other digital/software systems serving the medical-cannabis industry by the scope of its overarching connectivity. That is, connectivity among consumer, medical, commercial, and regulatory program participants and among non-profit, political, and financial organizations devoted to advancing medical-cannabis solutions, remedies, and science. Its combination of secure and open communication and data exchange will enhance the medical-cannabis industry’s progress economically, scientifically, and politically—and render all participants more effective.

By streamlining processes and communications (e.g., offering the platform in Spanish or English), we ensure effective and successful access to and delivery and use of medical-cannabis products to provide medical solutions. We provide these success tools to patients and medical professionals throughout the country.

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