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ASCM Joins Legislative Leaders on Capitol Hill. Focusing on the Future of Medical Cannabis.

Legislators, physicians and industry experts continue to discuss a forward-thinking national healthcare strategy.


WASHINGTON, March 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Society of Cannabis Medicine (ASCM) continued a national dialog by bringing stakeholders together at the Capitol Hill Club for more in-depth discussions to guide a national legislative strategy for the future of cannabis medicine and its significant impact on United States healthcare.

This benchmark leadership program featured nationally and internationally renowned speakers and presenters for a solid solutions forum. The discussions highlighted leading-edge information about sweeping changes affecting the national healthcare landscape. The overarching issue was the advent of cannabis as a mainstream healthcare treatment. With nearly three dozen states introducing cannabis into their healthcare equation (and more coming) engaging an appropriate national dialog is timely. The program was designed to bring the medical perspective to the forefront and help federal policy makers understand the merit and appeal driving this sweeping adoption.

"Members of the American Society of Cannabis Medicine met with Legislative Leaders for a significant discussion," said Garnett Meador, ASCM Executive Vice President. "Today's program provided a robust dialog that produced a series of move-forward ideas and plans. We were very pleased to have had extensive discussion about veterans issues and research."

In addition to the significant dialog, the American Society of Cannabis Medicine also released a white paper entitled, "Medical Cannabis — Overcoming Opioid Addiction and Managing Pain." In addition to the participants, the white paper will be distributed to all other members of Congress not in attendance.

"These types of events are very important as the dialog about the serious medical applications continues to grow," said Dr. Annabelle Manalo ASCM Board Member and leading medical cannabis researcher. "It was very encouraging to see such a distinguished group engaged at this level. Focusing on the significant potential health and wellness benefits and need for quality research sparked a first of a kind set of discussions. This is the type of dialog needed to bring medical cannabis to its full potential as a pillar of United States healthcare."

American Society of Cannabis Medicine is the national voice for physicians who understand the value of cannabis as a part of national healthcare imperatives. ASCM is a professional society that sets standards for its members. We are committed to the safe and professional use of cannabis as a treatment. ASCM's multiple initiatives—including the Patient Excellence Program, and the National Prescription Registry—set a standard for professional physicians. ASCM provides current and trusted information for legislators, industry leaders and community stakeholders.

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