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American Council of Cannabis Medicine Announces Strategic Partnership With Health Sharing Industry

Aug 25, 2022, 09:26 ET

ACCM Joins National Health Care Sharing Association's Building Bridges Program to Help Their Members Participate in MedCann.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today the American Council of Cannabis Medicine (ACCM) announced selection and participation in the NHCSA Building Bridges Program. To help foster understanding and provide resources for the health care sharing industry, and their millions of members across the country.

"ACCM was selected because of our recognized role as the premiere industry organization," says, Scott Rancie, Vice-President of Member Services. "ACCM's commitment to medical cannabis and vast array of resources made us the logical choice. After learning about the significant education and industry standardization provided by ACCM, leaders at NCHSA made ACCM their medical-cannabis organization selection."

ACCM has the ability to interact with voluntary benefit programs through their flagship Elevated States and Next Frontier programs. Providing the framework for patient relationship programming, education and interaction. Together they manage the entire patient journey.

"The NHCSA and our Building Bridges Program are committed to securing relevant relationships with leading health and wellness non-profit organizations," says, Seni Sok, NHCSA Share the World Council member and Joppa Health Share, CEO. "Working with leading groups like ACCM is key helping the Health Care Sharing Community thrive and serve their members."

ACCM is ready to collaborate with NHCSA and interact with the millions of members from the health care sharing community on day one. ACCM's programs fit the mission of the NHCSA.

This year ACCM, under Next Frontier standardized the technical mechanics of managing millions of patient interactions and relationships. This is through secured, long-term, world-class partnerships with EM2P2, and CannaScriptsPBM. With suite in full alignment with the Member First Health Network, (also a partner of NHCSA), we are poised to facilitate industry transformation. This program is built for today's state centered medical-cannabis programs using just a small portion of our capabilities. We are completely ready to operate in any new environment when a change in federal schedule status occurs. The program mirrors experience and function similar to the operational environment in traditional pharma today. Thus, allowing aligned organization members to experience the same level of professionalism and ease of interaction in medical-cannabis, as they do in traditional pharma.

"Joining forces with NHCSA's Building Bridges program is a prime example of how Next Frontier is bringing new waves of patients from very diverse backgrounds to understand and participate in medical-cannabis," says Greg Zappala, Co-Chair of ACCM's Professional Transition Committee and Next Frontier Task Force Leader. "We are honored by this selection and look forward to collaborating with the committed leaders in the health care sharing industry. Shared values and commitment to serving people makes this a win-win."

You can learn more about the Elevated States initiative at: and at

You can learn more about the National Health Care Sharing Association at:

The American Council of Cannabis Medicine is the "Voice of American Medical Cannabis." ACCM represents America's medical-cannabis industry, which supports millions of U.S. jobs and is backed by a growing grassroots movement, supporting millions of beneficiaries. Members produce, process, and distribute medical cannabis through state-licensed programs, as well as, supporting companies, healthcare industry, physicians, researchers, health/wellness providers, insurance companies, systems, and patient advocacy groups. They participate in ACCM's 15 standing area-centric committees. ACCM was started in 2016 as a Capitol Hill working group and has developed into a mission driven 501c4. Our pressing objective is to facilitate legislation that advances medical cannabis at the federal level and significantly improve state access.

American Council of Cannabis Medicine at 202-349-9650, or

Contact: Jay Dolane 202-349-9650 ext. 800

SOURCE American Council of Cannabis Medicine

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