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ACCM Announces Landmark Memorandum of Understanding Between Industry Leaders

For Immediate Release April 20, 2021

Washington, DC — The American Council of Cannabis Medicine (ACCM) announced a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with multiple cannabis-industry stakeholders to increase collaboration and allow the industry and legislators to gain a deeper understanding of and support for U.S. medical cannabis and its impact on the diverse stakeholder community represented. The pressing objective is to facilitate legislation that advances medical cannabis at the federal level.

“As a practicing physician for nearly 40 years, it’s exciting to see the tremendous progress being made when it comes to bona-fide healthcare uses for cannabis,” said Jeffrey S. Block, M.D. Dr. Block is a physician, botanist, cannabinoid-medicine thought leader, and ASCM Board of Regents member. “This memorandum represents a step forward in advancing medical access and clinical research.”

Narith Panh, CSO for Dragonfly Wellness (Utah) and ACCM Cannabis Industry Liaison Committee Member recently stated, “As a vertically integrated company, we operate cultivation facilities, extraction and processing facilities, and retail pharmacy, so we understand all aspects of the industry.. As the voice of the Medical Cannabis Industry, ACCM shares our vision and values. We are pleased to join in the MOU.”

“The MOU formalizes relationships established over the last few years and was officially announced at ACCM’s Stakeholder Alliance meeting April 19, 2021. says, Jeff Kanter ACCM Membership Leader, “Signatories actively participate. The Alliance has over 200 stakeholders and organizations collaborating on issues and accelerating progress toward expanded research and patient access through effecting federal action.”

Meetings included representatives from the Zermatt Medical Institute, American Society of Cannabis Medicine, Allegiance, Healthcare Freedom Hub, EM2P2, Inc., Dragonfly Wellness, Global Product Makers, CannaScripts, Member First Health Network, and Association Health Partners led sessions and shared insights about moving the industry toward traditional healthcare models enabled under reasonable federal legislation.

“Real clinical research and proper legislation is long overdue. Our focus is the translation of real science merged into current medical practices for the implementation of cannabis into patient care,” said Annabelle Manalo-Morgan PhD, Zermatt Medical Institute Research Committee Chairperson, ASCM Board of Regents Member, and ACCM Clinical Research Committee Co-Chair. “Cannabis needs to get to a point where leaders and the people can trust it. Our approach will revolutionize the cannabis industry and normalize the administration of cannabinoid products by the medical space.”

Gennaro Luce, CEO of EM2P2, Inc./CannaLnx and ACCM Medical Industry Committee Co- Chair, added “Over the last few years ACCM has been a very powerful working group

that understands the significant medical ramifications of the industry for options in patient-centric care. “As an industry-leading company originating in traditional medicine, EM2P2/CannaLnx is pleased to strengthen its involvement with such a prestigious group, as a signatory of the new professional Alliance.”

“As a pioneer in medical-cannabis, it is very exciting to see the progress,” said Noemi Perez, CEO of Green Book Academy, Director for NACDT and ACCM Education Committee Co- Chair. “From its inception, ACCM has been a valuable resource for legislators as well as multiple legislative initiatives, pushing high standards on education and professionalism in multiple states”

“With 45 years of political and legislative experience, it's great to be working with a group so focused on real medical solutions through federal and state legislative initiatives,” said Mark Block, CEO of Mother Nature's Trading Company, ACCM Legislative Committee Co-Chair, and ACCM CBD Industry Liaison Committee Co-Chair. “As the only national group focused exclusively on medical cannabis on Capitol Hill, they have really taken the lead.”

ACCM represents the America’s medical-cannabis industry, which supports millions of U.S. jobs and is backed by a growing grassroots movement supporting millions of beneficiaries. Members produce, process, and distribute medical cannabis through state- licensed programs, companies supporting them healthcare industry, physicians, researchers, health and wellness providers, insurance companies, systems, and patient advocacy groups. They participate in ACM's 14 standing area-centric committees. ACCM was started in 2016 as a Capitol Hill working group has developed into a 501c4 that is the voice of the American medical cannabis industry.

Reach the American Council of Cannabis Medicine at 202-349- 9650, or visit

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