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EM2P2, Inc. Offers CannaLnx


Linking the World of Cannabis Medicine 

Who We Are

EM2P2 is a software-development company delivering digital process and communication solutions serving the interests of all medical-cannabis industry participants—from growers and dispensaries to patients and doctors.

We’ve created an easy-to-use system that informs medical-cannabis recommendation and dispensary fulfillment processes—a bridge between physician, dispensaries, patients, and payers. The CannaLnx platform ensures effective communication and service delivery among patients, recommending physicians, and dispensaries concerning medical-cannabis recommendations—helping lower costs and improve patient outcomes.

CannaLnx answers an industry-wide need for a smart process giving patients efficient, tracked access to reliable medical-cannabis products under the supervision of qualified and engaged doctors. EM2P2’s original concept: create a holistic approach that informs and involves patients, families and caregivers in the process of successful cannabis treatment. After much study, that better process emerged as the CannaLnx platform—comprehensive, universally accessible, and user friendly.

Better Care Starts with You!



We developed and deliver a simple-to-understand-and-use, innovative platform that serves:

  • Consumers (individuals, patients, families and caregivers).

  • Medical-cannabis-recommending medical professionals and health systems (physicians, nurses, discharge personnel, case managers, management and administrators).

  • Dispensaries and payers.

Integrated Collaboration
EM2P2 takes a collaborative approach to ensuring users’ needs are met, combining teamwork, trust, leveraged strategic liaisons, individual responsibility, and shared purpose to deliver value and benefits to all platform subscribers.

Our cloud-based solution creates value by enhancing and improving the continuum of patient care and patient outcomes. Automated medical-cannabis recommendation transactions save time, increase confidence, accountability and reliability, create/increase medical knowledge, and improve control by governing authorities and medical professionals.


EM2P2’s business and its CannaLnx Platform are created in accord with the highest standards—and your state’s program requirements—to ensure operational integrity, security, accessibility and reliability.

CannaLnx — Services to Key Industry Participants


The CannaLnx platform offers every medical-cannabis industry participant—doctors, patients, dispensaries, growers, test labs, and state program administrators—a set of valuable tools and features to enhance their operations, improve processes, and maximize data tracking, control, and usage.


As more users subscribe to the platform, CannaLnx ensures the industry better serves patients, the medical community, and the effectiveness—and prudent expansion/refinement—of medical-cannabis programs.

No New Tech Needed


CannaLnx is a digital health platform built with dispensaries and patients in mind, and a focus on ensuring privacy through HIPAA. 

Implementing the system doesn’t require a new POS system or special hardware or software. Just an online subscription to the SaaS platform.

What Sets EM2P2’s CannaLnx Platform Apart?


CannaLnx is distinguished from other digital/software systems serving the medical-cannabis industry by the scope of its overarching connectivity. That is, connectivity among consumer, medical, commercial, and regulatory program participants and among non-profit, political, and financial organizations devoted to advancing medical-cannabis solutions, remedies, and science. Its combination of secure and open communication and data exchange will enhance the medical-cannabis industry’s progress economically, scientifically, and politically—and render all participants more effective.

By streamlining processes and communications (e.g., offering the platform in Spanish or English), we ensure effective and successful access to and delivery and use of medical-cannabis products to provide medical solutions. We provide these success tools to patients and medical professionals throughout the country.

Better Care Starts with You!
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